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Janiece Bishop


Mrs. Janiece Bishop joined our team as a Human Resources Technician at the Wildcat Battalion in April 2013. She is happily married to Phil Bishop. They have two children, Shelby and Joshua. She began her career on the enlisted side in the reserves and served as a confinement MP, Clerk Typist, and Legal Specialist before going to OCS to be a Transportation Officer. She switched to Medical Service Corps, but stayed with the 125th Transportation Company. Janiece later served as a PTL and Commander, the 373rd Quartermaster Battalion and 7241st US Army Support Hospital as a Personnel Officer and a Headquarters Detachment Commander. She served two tours – one as a Mobilization Liaison for the 4209th Hospital for two years, and one at Fort Knox as the Executive Officer, Mobilization Health Services. She retired from the Army as a Major in December 2011.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, going on vacations, riding horses, being outdoors, singing, attending church functions and living life to the fullest.


Monday through Friday, 7:30 to 4:30