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UK Army ROTC Historical Photos

Cadet Life Through the Years


Cadet Formation (1918)


Guard Duty (1918)

ROTC Formation (1919)


Advanced Course Cadets (1922)

Cadets Drilling (1930)

University President Frank McVey with Cadet (1931)

Formation (1934)

Cadet Officers (1934)

Cadet Officers (1934)

Cadets at Buell (1940)

Color Guard (1942)

Corps of Cadets (1945)

Cadet Meeting (1960)

Cadets at a Ceremony (1960)

Parade (1961)

Distinguished  Military Graduates (1963)

Cadets Recognized by Secretary of the Army Stephen Ailes (1965)  

Pershing Rifles (1969)

Military Ball (1969)

Cadet Staff (1969)

Drill and Ceremony (1969)

Raising the Flag (1969)

Female Cadet Officers (1969)

Cadet Field Training (1969)


Buell Armory Through the Years

Buell Armory (1909)

Buell Armory was used as a hospital to care for patients during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic  


*Photos courtesy of the University of Kentucky Library.