Special Events

Military Ball

At the end of each year, UK Army ROTC hosts its own Military Ball. The purpose of the event is to acknowledge the end of another year of hard work and training, as well as to recognize the commisioning cadets of that year. In years past a guest of honor is present to instill insight and knowlegde upon the future officers of the United States Army. The Miltary Ball is a time to put on your finest and formally celebrate the accomplishments of the past year.

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible is an event that was put on by White Sulphur Baptist Church out of Georgetown, KY. The event is described as a way to foster team work and create a safe environment for kids and young adults. It teaches the ability to work in teams and the importance of teamwork in general. The idea is to reach out to local communities, school, church group, etc. and put on this event for fun and enjoyment but also to help keep kids out of trouble! It also is a donation based event. There is no charge for anyone to participate but you may donate. All donations go to help assist the Wounded Warrior Project. Local law enforcement, veterans, and members of UK Army ROTC are among the volunteers who served as the OPFOR for the mission.

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Norwegian Ruck Walk

The Norwegian Foot March is an annual competition put on by the University of Southern Indiana Army ROTC program that allows cadets from across the nation to earn the Norwegian Foot March Badge (NFMB), a military badge that is authorized for wear on military dress uniforms and can be worn by cadets for the remainder of their military career. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded depending on the number of times an individual has completed the competition. The Norwegian Foot March is a 30K (18.6 mile) road march that must be completed in under 4.5 hours with cadets dressed in full military uniform and carrying a 25lb rucksack. The event is rigorous and test competitors both mentally and physically, but upon completion cadets are instilled with resiliency and toughness, as well as pride in their service and the value of the Warrior Ethos. This event is designed to develop cadets professionally competencies through physical adversity.


The German Armed Forces Proficiency Test is a annual competition put on the the University of Indiana Army ROTC program that allows cadets from across the nation to earn the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB), a military badge that is authorized for wear on military dress uniforms and can be worn by cadets for the remainder of their military career. This test consist of track and field events, marksmanship qualification, first aid qualification, a swim event, a road march, and a NBC MOPP Test that are all designed to test a wide array of cadets physical and mental capabilities. Upon completing all events, cadets are award with either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze badge based upon their respective scores. Upon earning the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge, cadets are instilled with a sense of joint-multinational cooperation as well as a heightened sense of what it means to serve in the United States military. This event develops cadets physical, mental, and professional competencies that will enable them for success upon commissioning as a second lieutenant in the United States Army.

10 Miler

The army Ten Miler is ten mile race put on by the Army in Washington D.C. Each year we send around 8-10 Cadets to compete in the run. Outside of the run, cadets and cadre get the opurtunity to go around Washington D.C, and visit places around the Capital. In past years, cadets and cadre have had the oppurtunity to take a night tour of the war memorials as well as the Lincoln Memorial. The 10 Miler is a chance to be part of a team and meet new people, while working on physical fitness. It builds teamwork and camaraderie, and gives cadets a chance to see the Capital and expand their horizons.

Green Dot Run

Every semester, University of Kentucky Army and Air Force ROTC teams up to host the Green Dot Run. The Green Dot is a group on campus who seek to spread awareness for violence intervention and prevention. Prior to the run, members from the Green Dot Centre, located just down the street from Barker Hall, come out to talk with cadets and cadre about the importance of intervention and prevention. Anyone interested are encouraged to join us for an early morning run, and to show support for the Green Dot cause.

"The Green Dot strategy is a comprehensive approach to the primary prevention of violence that capitalizes on the power of peer and cultural influence across all levels of the socio-ecological model."


Dean's Run

Each semester, the Wildcat Battalion and the Flying Wildcats partner with the College of Arts and Sciences to host a 5K run around UK's campus. The Dean's Staff and their family members are encouraged to come for an early morning run with the Cadets and enjoy refreshments afterwards.