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Message from the Cadet Battalion Commander

Hello, my name is Benjamin Rogers, and I am the Wildcat Battalion’s Cadet Battalion Commander for the 2023 Spring semester at the University of Kentucky’s Army ROTC program. If you are interested in growing as a leader, improving your mental and physical fitness, and working toward being an officer in the world's finest fighting force I strongly recommend joining the ROTC. The University of Kentucky's Wildcat Battalion is considered to be one of the largest Army ROTC programs across the country, ranging from 150 to 200 cadets a semester. Due to our large size, we can offer a unique series of personal development opportunities that may not be available at smaller programs. This includes events such as the Army Ten Miler Run which takes place every year in Washington D.C., the Mountain Man Memorial March in Gatlinburg Tennessee, Bold Warrior Challenge, U.S. Army Airborne and Air Assault schools, Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT), Project GO, and Army summer internships; just to name a few.

Despite our large size, the Wildcat Battalion strives to deliver each cadet an experience tailored to their individual needs. Incoming cadets will have the option to reside in the ROTC Living Learning Community (LLC) with their peers in beautiful Chellgren Hall. First-year cadets can also expect to be assigned a mentor from our senior class. This unique mentor-mentee relationship will help you set goals, track your progress, and hold you accountable for personal excellence. Along with this, the program has two co-ed clubs, the Pershing Rifles, and Kentucky Rangers, which create an environment for cadets to establish bonds and practice teamwork in numerous areas such as academics and physical fitness.

While you can expect to face numerous challenges and opportunities on your path to growing as an Army leader our Battalion's knowledgeable Cadre will be ever present to coach you to develop into the best version of yourself in the Army, and life. It is no easy task to attend college as a full-time student and ROTC Cadet, yet with the superior resources and instructors in the Wildcat Battalion you will have every resource for success.

My experience in the Wildcat Battalion has given me opportunities that would have been impossible anywhere else. I was able to study Arabic internationally at no cost to myself through project GO, shadow an ordinance unit in Hawaii for three weeks in CTLT, and branch as a Medical Service Officer. I implore you to ignite your passion and explore what is "Wildly Possible" within the Wildcat Battalion.

Very Respectfully, CDT Benjamin Rogers Cadet Battalion Commander